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Notary services

A P Huskinson is a Notary Public who deals with the authentication of documents, events or information for use in foreign countries.

Why a notary? It is almost always the case that you have been asked to see a notary because you have a document that needs to be used abroad. Seeing a notary is never a mere rubber-stamping exercise. The international duty of a Notary involves a high standard of care.  This is not only towards the client but also to anyone who may rely on the document and to Governments or officials of other countries.  These people are entitled to assume that a Notary will ensure full compliance with the relevant requirements both here and abroad; and to rely on the Notary‚Äôs register and records. Great care is essential at every stage to minimise the risks of errors, omissions, alterations, fraud, forgery, money laundering, the use of false identity, and so on.


Please find below a full copy of our Notary Services Terms of Business, and the Data Protection Privacy Notice relating to these services.

Notary – Terms of Business

Notary – Data Protection Privacy Notice