King & Co Solicitors, Cambridge, UK

Residential Conveyancing Costs

This firm’s fees for residential sales and purchases are as follows:

PriceFee (+VAT)
Up to £200,000£700
£200,001 – 300,000£850
£300,001 – 400,000£975
£400,001 – 500,000£1,150
£500,001 – 600,000£1,259
£600,001 – 700,000£1,350
£700,001 – 800,000£1,450
£800,001 – 900,000£1,550
£900,001 – 1,000,000£1,600

For higher value properties please contact us for a quote

Add to the above figures
• £200 if the property is leasehold
• £150 if the property is a new build

If you are being granted a Shared Ownership Lease our fee is £1,200+VAT instead of the figure shown in the above table (Shared Ownership leases are more complicated than a straight forward purchase)

In addition to the above fees if you are having a mortgage upon the property you are buying there is an additional charge of £150+VAT for the extra work we are involved in in respect of that (unless it is a Help to Buy mortgage in which case the fee is £200+VAT)

If you have a Help to Buy or Lifetime ISA we charge £50+VAT per person in connection with those

We also charge £30+VAT for each bank transfer which we do for you (eg on a purchase transferring the price to the sellers solicitors and on a sale repaying any existing mortgage and accounting to you for any balance)

In addition to this firms fees there are a number of other costs which you will be liable for:

Upon a sale
• official copies of your ownership certificate £6
• office copies of any document referred to in the title registers £3 per document

Upon a purchase
• stamp duty (see below)
• land Registry fee (see below)
• search fees approximately £300

Stamp Duty (now called Stamp Duty land Tax)

A number of factors have to be taken into account to determine the amount of stamp duty payable:
• the purchase price
• if one of the buyers is resident outside the UK (which for stamp duty in essence is someone who has been out of the UK for more than 6 of the preceding 12 months)
• if all the buyers are first time buyers (which for stamp duty means someone who has never owned or part owned a property anywhere in the world whether they purchased that property or share or were given it or inherited it)
• if one of the buyers already owns or part owns a property anywhere in the world which they are keeping
• if the purchase is being taken in the name of a limited company or a trust

There is a stamp duty calculator on the government website which you will find useful to determine the amount of stamp duty you will pay which you can find at

Land Registry fee

This is a fee charged by the Land Registry to register you as the new owner of the property you have bought and includes registering any mortgage which you may have taken out over that property

There are 2 figures shown in the table below. Column 1 is the figure usually payable but the fee in column 2 is charged by the Land Registry if either the title to the property was not registered with the Land Registry prior to your purchase in which case it has to be registered for the first time after you have bought it (this now applies to fewer and fewer properties but unregistered titles are still seen) or you are buying only part of the property to which the seller is registered

PriceColumn 1Column 2
0 – 80,0002040
80,001 – 100,0004080
100,001 – 200,00095190
200,001 – 500,000135270
500,001 – 1,000,000270540